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Throughout my time I’ve learned how to use influence, navigate office politics,  adopt critical leadership skills, leverage strategic networking and build my executive presence to advance my career to the executive suite.  These steps have landed me in coveted national level program(s) such as Leadership America, a seat at the table as an Executive Board member and landed me several executive roles.  It has also won me awards such as IN Business Magazine’s 40 under 40 class award and recently named Best Selling Author of "From Doubt To Clout: Your 7 Step Fast Track guide to becoming an executive.

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As you strive for career advancement, be vigilant of obstacles that may deter your path. These hurdles often manifest as a reluctance to embrace change, an uncertainty in maneuvering through office politics, and a difficulty in discerning the opportune time for a strategic move.

Confronting these barriers is pivotal for your career growth. By overcoming them, you position yourself for not only promotions and accolades but also for becoming a recognized authority in your domain, ultimately leading you to the zenith of your professional achievements.

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