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  • Implement a framework that boosts your professional performance?
  • Elevate your confidence in your image, decisions, pivots, strategies, and interpersonal interactions?
  • Engage with proven success strategies and join a community of like-minded individuals for greater advancement opportunities?
  • Harness the power of networking to unlock new professional pathways?
  • Transform your career outlook with actionable insights and tailored guidance?

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  • Achieving the career of your dreams, feeling fulfilled and passionate about your work every day.
  • Earning a salary that not only meets your needs but also allows for luxuries, savings, and financial freedom.
  • Mastering the art of networking, creating valuable connections that open doors to opportunities and enrich your professional life.
  • Excelling in interviews with confidence and eloquence, leaving a memorable impression on every hiring manager or collaborator you meet.
  • Balancing work and personal life seamlessly, ensuring time for self-care, hobbies, and loved ones.
  • Continuously learning and growing, both professionally and personally, embracing challenges as opportunities for development.
  • Being recognized for your contributions and expertise, earning respect and admiration from peers and mentors alike.
  • Making a positive impact in your industry, contributing to meaningful change and innovation.
  • Cultivating a strong personal brand that reflects your values, skills, and passions, attracting opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

7 Steps To Becoming an Executive 

The online course that guides you
on how to elevate yourself, advance your career and stop losing out on countless opportunities, thousands of dollars in failed negotiations, sleepless nights from fatal mistakes and loss of reputational influence stalling continued elevation.

Module 1

Mastering Career Strategy

Solidify your professional growth by establishing a strong foundation ensuring you’re moving forward on the right path.

Module 2

Building Executive Presence

Hone your image, confidence and cutting-edge presence by developing the essential qualities and image necessary to thrive as an executive.

Module 3

Leadership Skills and Development

Hone your leadership skills by understanding core principles and practices that drive success in executive roles.

Module 4

Communication Mastery

Elevate your communication prowess to foster meaningful connections, gain recognition, influence and effectiveness.

Module 5

Networking Mastery

Expand your professional network and deepen connections with effective networking strategies for career advancement and success.

Module 6

The Power of Likability

Uncover targeted characteristics to propel your career forward with authenticity and integrity.

Module 7

Navigating Office Politics

Learn how to navigate the intricate dynamics of office politics with finesse, bolstering your power and credibility.

Module 8

Mastering the Interview

Ace your next interview and position yourself as the top candidate by master the art of interviewing.

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2023 Forty under 40 recipient

Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Author, Women's Career & Success Consultant, Coach


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What Others are Saying about Jori

Hey, I’m Jori

#1 Award-winning International Keynote TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author

Dedicated to public service in many executive roles, I’ve spent much of my professional career learning through trial and error, making mistakes and gaining insight from senior-level mentors. This has earned me titles such as Executive, Executive board member and more.

Throughout my time I’ve learned how to use influence, navigate office politics,  adopt critical leadership skills, leverage strategic networking and build my executive presence to advance my career to the executive suite.  These steps have landed me in coveted national level program(s) such as Leadership America, a seat at the table as an Executive Board member and landed me several executive roles.  It has also won me awards such as IN Business Magazine’s 40 under 40 class award and recently named Best Selling Author of "From Doubt To Clout: Your 7 Step Fast Track guide to becoming an executive.

And now you can replicate these results for yourself. Take the first step and get my download.

Why this course and why now?

9 out of 10 women in the workplace want to elevate to the next level.  Many are getting stuck in entry level positions and failing to promote faster.  This is because of failed strategies, not knowing what to do and how to yield in the workplace and how to succeed.  This course gives you the blueprint model, it pulls from proven strategies of success.  Research states that many people fail to excel because of clear a path, goals and direction.  This will help you.

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